Our Mission

Aadaan is a Hindi word which means to receive. Aadaan is often accompanied by the word "pradaan," meaning to give. So together aadaan-pradaan is used to mean to trade or exchange and in that context "aadaan" is incomplete or even impossible without giving something in return. Be it an artist or helping professional, we participate in this exchange or aadaan-pradaan. We give something, because we find something in return, something intangible like content, purpose, meaning, and hope. So Aadaan is dedicated to finding out this mode of exchange in its varied shapes and colors.

Aadaan was launched in 2017 to amplify life-giving thoughts, visions, and actions. Our aim is to promote inclusion by connecting people from various disciplines on a global scale—providing a platform for participants to showcase their talent, giving them the opportunity to transcend their ideas outside the confines of their daily reality and bring them to the attention of a wider audience. We do this through operating an annual grant project and storytelling.